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Eine Frau ist eine Frau ist eine Frau

When Phenix told me she was writing a book and asked me if I could contribute illustrations, I knew immediately: this was going to be my heart's project of the year. To be able to visually collaborate on this important topic was a great honour and both the printed result and the way to get there were a thrilling experience. Thinking creatively with the amazing author and putting photographs into a new context inspired me to create the collage-style artwork.  "Eine Frau ist eine Frau ist eine Frau" by Phenix Kühnert was published by Haymon Verlag in 2022 and is an equally important and entertaining contribution to a path in the right direction. With her own story as a transgender woman and her relaxed humorous narrative style, Phenix manages to give visibility to serious issues and structural imbalances in our society while still maintaining her usual effortlessness. Everyone out there may and should: read and learn and chuckle every now and then. 

FOTOS: Courtesy of Phenix // Lina Tesch

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